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6 Reasons to Buy Solid Wood

6 Reasons to Buy Solid Wood


Between variations in wood grain, type, and environmental factors, there is a depth of character and beauty that can only be found in real wood.

There is no subsitute for nice, solid, wood furniture.


From kings to peasants, presidents to commoners, everyone gathers around wooden tables, chairs, and desks.

For hundreds of years, solid wood furniture has been an enduring part of nearly every culture and continues to be as families pass their furniture down to younger generations.


The centerpiece to a room. An anchor point of status.

Solid wood furniture has been a recognized symble of strength for generations.


Compared to the cheaper alternatives such as compression-board or MDF furniture, solid wood stands up to everyday life and is more durable.

Dents and dings blend into the character of wood rather than expose the under-layers of cheaper alternatives.

Holds Value

Aside from the emotional value your furniture may hold from being passed down from your parents or grand parents, solid wood furniture does retain more resale value than cheaper alternatives.


While the upfront investment may be higher, the long-term cost of having to repeatedly replace and re-assemble cheaply made furniture far outweighs that of the cost of durable, solid wood furniture.

Repairs are easier on solid wood and refinishing isn't even an option with MDF or compression board.